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singer & songwriter

Damla Pehlevan is an İstanbul based Singer & songwriter. During Galatasaray High School years she worked with Candan Ercetin and she won the Institut Français d'Istanbul French Song Contest (1st Prize); Corne d'Or International French Song Contest, in Bulgaria (2nd Prize) that introduced her singing career.  She worked with professional bands like BaBa ZuLa (Turkey) and Shantel & Bucovina Club Orchestar (Germany) as keyboard player, singer and dancer. She sang on tour, mostly in Europe and participated more then 150 concerts including world music festivals; in Toronto, Moscow and Tel Aviv. Back to Turkey, she does concerts in different concepts and languages: Turkish popular and nostalgic repertoire, English pop & standard jazz, French chansons, Balkan folk music.  Damla Pehlevan is a unique fusion of occidental and oriental music culture and performes as a multidisciplinary artist on stage.



Chanson Performance @ 60 m2 // Istanbul

Damla Pehlevan Performance @ Bomontiada, Istanbul

Shantel Concert // AB Club Bruxelles

Chanson Performance @ 60 m2 // Istanbul

Shantel, Concert @ Germany

Swissotel the Bosphorus Sunday Brunch // Istanbul

Damla Pehlevan Performance @ Tamirane,  Istanbul

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