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Dutch Artist

Koenraad Marinus van Lier (1976) was born and raised in the Netherlands, has been living in Istanbul since 2013.

He studied Architectural Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Art

Academy in Amsterdam (NL). He has been actively interested in digital art and used computers as pencil and brush since end of the nineties. Drawing, painting and photography became life passion at middle school. During the academy years, he cofounded with fellow artists a multidisciplinery art foundation for young artists.

In 2008, he started a non profit organization for digital art called Born Digital based in the

Amsterdam. He presented his digital art work with Born Digital at several international festivals.


Since moving to Istanbul digital art moved more to the background and he was inspired to focus on handmade oil paintings again. In this digital era, everything is reproducable. He prefers to work with matter (oilpaint) and brush instead of pixels and computer.


Cosmos' 4 main elements -water, fire, earth and air- are an unlimited source of inspiration.


The results of 1 year painting in Istanbul were exhibited with a solo exhibition in October 2014 at Balat Kultur Evi Istanbul. From October until December 2015 his paintings were exhibited at a second solo exhibition at Atöyle Hangart in Yeldegirmeni Istanbul. His third and fourth solo exhibitions took place Burgazada Deniz Kulübü and Adalar Su Sporları Kulübü in August and September 2016. 


Currently he lives and paints in Burgazada.



Meditative Collection (Denge)
Mare Series (Su)
Horizon Series (Hava)
Terra Series (Toprak)
Ignis Series (Ates)
Cosmos Collection (Kozmos)
Luna Series (Dolunay)
Gaia Collection (Yeryüzü)
Arura Series (Tarlalar)
Tessello Collection (Parça ve Bütün)
      Sphaera Series (Tam)
7 Hills Series 1 (Yedi Tepe)
7 Hills Series 2 (Yedi Tepe)
Abyssus Series (Derinlik)
Propagationis Series (Döl)

Chanson Performance @ 60 m2 // Istanbul

Chanson Performance @ 60 m2 // Istanbul

Abyssus / Derinlik

Shantel, Concert @ Germany

Shantel Concert // AB Club Bruxelles

Swissotel the Bosphorus Sunday Brunch // Istanbul

Damla Pehlevan Performance @ Bomontiada, Istanbul

Damla Pehlevan Performance @ Tamirane,  Istanbul

Arura / Tarlalar
Mare / Su
  Horizon / Hava
Terra / Toprak
Ignis / Ates
Luna / Dolunay
Propagationis Series / Döl
Parça ve Bütün
Sphaera / Tam
Parça ve Bütün
7 Hills / Yedi Tepe (I) 
Parça ve Bütün
7 Hills / Yedi Tepe II
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