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Singer, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer//
Musicals, Kabere, Dans Show

Nebi Birgi was born in 1986 and came to Istanbul for education and started at Yıldız Teknik University at the Modern Dance Department and had the chance to work with Geyvan Mc Millen.

The first year in Istanbul he was dancing in Broadway Musicals and he had the chance to meet and work with Haldun Dormen and with his support he got improvisation lessons from Murat Ovalı, acting lessons from Ali Altug, singing lessons from Yıldız Tunbul, musical repertoire from Serpil Gunseli and diction lessons from Tijen Par.

In 2007 he went to Istanbul University Musical Conservatory at the Performing Arts & Musical Theatre Department. There he got singing lessons from Opera Artist Berguzar Celebi.

In 2009 he performed as Danny Zuko at the Grease Musical both as an actor and as a choreographer.

Between 2008 - 2010 he participated in Jazz Dance workshop given by Ann Bergeron and singing techniques from Kate Ufema who are both instructors at Minnesota University.

In 2009 he went to America to perform at the Footloose Musical at the Minnesota Summer Arts Festival.

In 2010 he had the chance to work with composer and writer Andrew Lippa who was visiting Turkey at the moment.

After Yıldız Technic University he won the full scholarship of Bilgi University Performing Arts Performance Department and he is still working as a choreographer in musical and theatre performances and directing on TV Programs.

In 2011 at the play named Son Bes Yil (Last Five Years), he wasn't only an actor but also the translator and director.

Between 2011 and 2013 he performed as Bobby Strong at the Musical named Sıdıklı Kasabası (Urine Town) in which he was also choreographer and translator, he won the 16th Afife Jale Theatre Awards as the Best Young Generation Artist and at the Direklerarası Theatre Awards he won the Best Choreographer Award.

Until today he worked and performed in many theatre plays, dancing performances, dance shows and concerts as a choreographer, dancer, actor, singer and translator. Besides that he keeps working at the Muzikalci Musical Theatre Group owned by himself.

In the new season he will be acting as Dorian in the Musical Dorian (based on the Picture of Dorian Gray). At the same play he will also be choreographing, producing and directing,


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Nebi Birgi Tanıtım Videosu
Swissotel the Bosphorus New Year Eve Party 31.12.2016

Zeki Müren'i Anma Gecesi - Zeki Müren'le Okumak Zeki Müren'i Okumak 

@ Zorlu Center PSM 07.01.2016

Backstage & Stage


 Moulin Rouge Show

Special Costume Design

 Choreography Special for the Venue
Amfi theatre & Casino & Restaurants & Bar & Night Club & Disco


Kabare Show

Flash Mob Show

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